Developed or Developing nations??

How do we assess if a country is developed or developing?

There are many countries which are developed like USA, Germany, Japan, while there are many other countries like India, Brazil, Poland which are developing. Usually, the GDP, GNP, PPP are some of the most important factors to check the economic health of the country. But, I find developing and developed in terms of GDP or GNP alone to be a very narrow approach to assess nation’s wealth or state of economic health.

Also, it would largely depend on the type of country as well. For ex: South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore are largely tourism based ( Singapore also a major business hub), and being relatively small nations, it is relatively easy to develop certain industries like tourism, hospitality, banking etc and attract foreign capital. And so they can get developed quickly. While some countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai are oil & gas rich and again due to small size and population, it was easy for them to get developed. But it is hard to label them as developed like USA because USA is developed in many sectors like Agriculture, Industry, Software, Technology, Defense etc, while other nations are quite dependent on USA and other western nations for technology and other services.

Rather, the world should adapt some parameters to assess whether a nation is developed or developing on the following basis:

-> nation’s contribution to world in technology, arts, culture

-> literacy rate of the population

-> happiness index among the people

-> wealth gap between rich and the poor

-> basic access of the goods and services for all the people such as food, housing, clothes, internet etc.

-> divorce rates and family bonding index

-> availability of health care facilities to all and the quality of services provided, including the cleanliness and hygiene practices in the society

-> scientific temper amongst the population

-> preservation of environment in the country including forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife, air, soil & water quality etc

-> availability of universal education, internet and sports activity to all kids and teenagers

-> safety of children, young girls, women and LGBTQ community, and rate of crime in the country.

-> tolerance level amongst the people for all religions, race, color, gender, caste etc

I think with the above parameters, we can assess if the nation is developed or developing. Considering these parameters, I don’t think any nation in the world is developed, maybe the Scandinavian countries fare the best in this respect ( Norway, Sweden & Denmark)