Twilight thoughts..

I clicked this pic today. Simply love this. It reminds me that nature is so beautiful. Even something as simple as sunset can make us go deep into thoughts and contemplation. We live with so many worries everyday, but life doesn’t value those worries. Because at the end, all worries, and stress are momentary. Just like this sunset is also for finite time, we really don’t have time to over think about our past or future either. Time just slips away, people move on, new opportunities come in, happiness and sadness eventually fade away, nothing is constant. Only change is constant, Life is just like a wave which travels, and matching the right frequency is needed to tune in to the right music. That’s when life becomes a celebration. Enjoy the simple beauties of nature, be kind to people, help someone, don’t overthink or over work as well. Because the world really doesn’t care if we have worked for 8 hours or 18 hours a day. Our success and failures are our achievements, the world often judges based on their own logic. We can’t act or live as others want, all we can do is just live the right way doing the right thing. Let truth be on our side and let’s view the world with a lens of kindness and curiosity, because if we don’t, and just rush after money, fame or power, sooner or later, it will slip away just like life. To value the important things is what matters the most.

Author: Abhi

Hello, this is Abhishek. I am an Electrical Engineer by education, and worked for an Energy Management company in Atlanta, USA. After staying for 5 years in United States, I have moved back to my country, India. Besides work, I am a bibliophile and enjoys reading about history, current affairs, and biographies. I practice ‘Sudarshan Kriya Yoga‘ meditation and volunteer for a NGO, Art of Living. I am a vegetarian, and also a fitness enthusiast. I intend to work for spreading awareness about Cancer. Finally, I enjoy writing and I hope to integrate this interest into my career with more experience. Please like, share and subscribe to my blog. Thank you for visiting!

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