Happy Republic Day, India!

Happy Republic Day 2021 Wishes: इन देशभक्ति भरे मैसेज से दें गणतंत्र दिवस  की शुभकामनाएं - 72nd republic day 2021 whatsapp wishes images cards quotes Republic  Day wishes status in hindi lbs - AajTak

Every year on 26th January, Indians celebrate the Republic Day to commemorate the day the Constitution of India came into effect. In addition to it, Jan 26th is also the day when the Indian National Congress revealed ‘Purna Swaraj’ (Total Independence), the declaration of India’s independence from the British colonial rule on Jan 26th, 1930. Hence, this day signifies the right spirit of Independent India.

I remember, when I was a kid, I used to wake up early in the morning to go to school and hoist out beloved tricolor with school friends. We used to carry the tricolor flag in our hands, and run across the streets together, singing ‘Vande Mataram’ just like A R Rehman’s historic composition. Even today, when I listen this song, goosebumps rise and tears often roll down through my eyes. I bet this song touches that one nerve in the 1.35 billion people which unites us as ‘Indians’

A R Rehman, ‘Vande Mataram’

So, much pride and love for my country was displayed through those actions. Ofcourse, I and we all of us still love and will keep loving our beloved motherland. But those days were innocent as a kid, as the love or country was simply pure. There was no politics, no political or religious affiliation, all we knew that we are born in this great land, and we are so much fortunate for this honor. I do miss that innocence!

Anyways, then I used to come home, and watch the national parade in Delhi which was live telecasted all over India. The marvelous stunts performed by our jawans, the heart throbbing aviation performance by Indian AirForce, the display of culture, tradition and diversity of different states with posters and presentations, the different forms of dance, the parade of military personnel with their laser sharp accuracy in every move they make is so enthralling! Then, the programme used to end with the nostalgic yet pride tune of the following song dedicated for the great Indian leader and freedom fighter, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

‘Qadam qadam baṛhāye jā Keep stepping forward
khushī ke gīt gāye jā singing songs of happiness
ye zindagī hai qaum kī this life belongs to our nation
tū qaum pe lutāye jā keep laying it down for her

Republic Day parade, 2020

A lot can be written about India, its republic day, how it got independence from British, and what makes India so unique inspite of all the diversity and chaos as well. As I later went to United States for my higher studies, and having proudly returned back to India, I got to see both sides of the world. But as said in the movie Pardes,

London dekha, Paris dekha
London dekha, Paris dekha, aur dekha Japan
Michael dekha, Elvis dekha, sab dekha meri jaan
Saare jag mein kahin nahin hai dusra Hindustan
Dusra Hindustan, dusra Hindustan

There is no country like India on this planet. And I say this with complete humility without any fake pride. Because, I know India is not like America, or Japan. All countries have their own culture, and history. But if we take a look at the world history, most of the countries are either a part of culture, or block. The world has been grouped into those blocks, like Western, Asian, African, Eurasia etc. America has always been a part of western nations, while China, Japan form the Eastern part. But India has always been unique with its location, its culture, its way of living. Though it had British influence, which is still felt today, even including this blog which is written in English! But rest all has been born and bred in this soil. The diversity, the unity being subtly imbibed into it. all is sweetly intertwined with each other. This makes India so different, so incredible!

On this occasion of Republic day, here are some of the previous republic day parades, especially for the non-Indian readers.

Happy Republic Day 2021! May India and the world be at peace, and heal from the havoc caused by Coronavirus,

Republic Day 2021: Images, wishes and quotes to share with loved ones |  Hindustan Times

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